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I want to see you smile again.
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A dangerous pastime, I know.

What IS it that makes Homestuck so addicting to me? Why do I unashamedly love this stupid geeky webcomic? Why can I proclaim "I'M A HOMESTICKER!" without caring that people might judge me for it?

I think I've figured it out now. And there are three big reasons:

1) I WILL LIKE WHATEVER I WANT TO LIKE, DANGIT…no matter HOW bizarre it is. If people are bothered by it, that's THEIR problem…not mine. I happen to like stories that are "weird", because they dare to challenge the norm and think outside the box. They stretch your imagination in new and exciting ways, even if it's uncomfortable, and that's something I embrace. Sometimes we need stories that stretch us like that. We don't always have to decide we like it, necessarily; but it's still good to try out and experience. And Homestuck is no exception to this.

2) To quote myself, "Homestuck is NOT a normal webcomic, and therefore should NOT be treated as one. What many newcomers don't realize is that Homestuck is just as much a puzzle as it is a story. And that's what makes it so frustrating and so brilliant! The pieces are scattered, random, strange and seemingly pointless, and it isn't until you go through and put them all together that the big picture starts to form and the story becomes clear and all the stupid stuff comes back to hit you smack in the face. HARD. That's part of the thrill of it!"

3) It's one of those things where the bare bones of the comic itself may not offer much (at least, not at FIRST)…but the potential for your own depth and imagination is boundless. You can take the characters and breathe your own life into them. You can explore the crazy worlds and scenarios you're given and build your own parts of them; think through your own possibilities. You aren't spoon-fed anything; it's something that you AND the author have to create together, in a way. And that's part of what makes it so unique and appealing to me…and probably to other fans, too. =)

So yes. I am a Homestuck. I have found room in my heart for this strange, ragtag crowd of characters and all the bizarre, beautiful worlds they belong to. I laugh at the quirks and inside jokes. I lovingly roll my eyes at the stupidity. I hold my breath as new mysteries unfold. I yearn for the heroes to win the cruel game they stumbled into.

And I will not stop reading until they do.

/pointless Homestuck rant

(Me? Excited for the Doctor Who Narnia crossover christmas special? NOT AT ALL...) Oh, and I also have a personal tumblr now! If you happen to love Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tangled, Pixar, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Castle, Fringe, Supernatural, Homestuck, or anything fun and geeky in general...feel free to follow me! :D


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Random Facts About Me:

- As Anne Frank put it, "I am a bundle of contradictions."

- Half of me is still flying around in Neverland, and probably always will.

- I rode X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Multiple times. Now I know how insane I really am.

- I have Pixar's "Finding Nemo" movie memorized. Name any scene and I can quote it word perfect. (Yeah, it's scary...)

- I'm a Christian homeschooled pastor's daughter and darn proud of it! I have the awesomest parents in the world...and that includes The Big Guy Upstairs, 'cause I'm His daughter, too.

- I am a shameless bookworm with a deep love for reading. I appreciate stories that scare me without relying on bucketloads of gore to do it. Stories that don't need any mushy-kissy scenes to show what True Love is. Stories of battles and adventures that don’t need too much blood to be exciting. Stories that are dramatic and heart-wrenching without getting overly angsty or turning into a soap-opera. Stories that make me laugh hard without relying on crude humor or bad language to be funny. Always keep your eyes open for these types of stories, for they are rare as jewels and sweet as chocolate.

- I'm crazy about C. S. Lewis and Narnia and I am SO STOKED that they're making movies out of all seven books. (It's ON, Harry Potter!)

- I'm addicted to fan fiction. Yes, 95% of it is made of perverted garbage and Mary Sues, but if you're lucky enough to stumble across the other 5% of it, YOU WILL BE HOOKED. When it's done right, fan fiction can be a great way to explore your favorite characters, exercise your writing skills and see the books/movies/TV shows you love in a whole new light.

- I used to hate anime with a passion. And then one day Fullmetal Alchemist converted me. The story is so epic and inspiring, and the characters are so deep and rich and real...I couldn't help but fall in love with this series.

- My mom used to hate anime with a passion. And then one day I introduced her to Fullmetal Alchemist. She still hates anime, but she says she'll make an exception with FMA. (Hehehe, score one for the manipulative daughter...)

- I've been writing songs since I was four, and music is a big part of who I am. Just give me paper and a pencil and a baby grand to twiddle on, and I'll be happy all day.

- My idea of heaven (besides twiddling on a piano all day) is being curled up on my bed on a rainy day, getting lost in a good fantasy/scifi novel and nibbling dark chocolate.

- I am pro-True Love and anti-Romance. If that makes any sense. Let's just say that I don't want to fall in love with anyone less than my best friend. (Plus, romance is just plain creepy. And weird. And highly overrated. And did I mention it was CREEPY?)

- I hate wasps. I really, really hate them.

Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: Movie soundtracks/trailer music, Christian rock, celtic music and anything in general that sounds good.
Favourite style of art: Traditional, though I don't mind digital if it's done nicely.
Favourite cartoon character: I have a bunch, but Edward Elric and L Lawliet would definitely be at the top.
Personal Quote: "Life is short. Eat dessert first."

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