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"They could see that it was a tall girl, dressed in a single long garment of clear blue which left her arms bare. She was bare-headed and her yellow hair hung down her back. And when they looked at her, they thought they had never before known what beauty meant."  --The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


He could never clearly describe how he fell in love with her. It was too wonderfully strange to explain; something that couldn't quite fit into human words.

All he knew is that when he saw her, he saw her. It was as though someone had pulled back a curtain and granted him a glimpse of something inside, behind and beyond what his five senses told him. Whenever she looked at him, he forgot all about her golden hair and slender figure...for what he saw in her dazzled him far more than mere physical attraction could.

He'd seen countless women and suitors back in Narnia and Archenland. Princesses, noblewomen, peasants, kitchen maids...many of them lovely and striking. He'd seen a few who even surpassed the Star's Daughter in physical looks. But none of them had what she had. She possessed a beauty that started somewhere deep inside her soul, where music, joy and purity merged together, then gently shone and shimmered through her and finally exploded outwards in a brilliant galaxy of virtue; a clear, untainted beacon for all to see.

Goldwater was nothing compared to this.

It is a rare and wonderful thing to see things not as they seem, but as they are. And still King Caspian ponders the mystery of why he, of all men, was deemed worthy of this privilege...and this Queen among queens.
I always wondered exactly why Caspian fell in love with the star's daughter so fast, and I'm not into the "love-at-first-sight" thing at all. So I guess this is my way of explaining it. She's kind of the Arwen to his Aragorn, I think. :)

It's an old drabble, but I wanted to post it because I'm getting all excited for VDT to come out and I'm TOTALLY geeking out over the pictures of Ramandu's daughter...or "Lilliandil", as she's officially named in the movie. Can't say I'm 100% in love with the name (or the whole Blue-Fairy-ish thing they have going on with her), but it does have a nice Elvish ring to it. And I firmly decided long ago that NOTHING would spoil the magic of this movie for me. I REFUSE to make any negative judgments on it until I see it for myself. :P
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hypershadow777 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Student Artist
such amazing writeing in this..i love it its beauitful
SonicTailsBros4ever Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
*U* Hiya, DH! This is 7Write4This9Heart7 from YT! Cool to see you here, too! *U* Rock on!
guardyanangel Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
Loved the drabble, and loved this bit in your comment even more: "She's kind of the Arwen to his Aragorn, I think." Refreshing to find another Lotr/Narnia fan on here! I've sadly found very few who enjoy both.

I also think that the name isn't quite right, but it's better than Ramandu's Daughter. :P I do love the Elvish sound to it as well- makes me think of Earendil, who became a Star, and then you remember Lilliandil's a Star's Daughter, which makes everything that much more awesome. :D

Good job once again! :)
aslie Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
I absolutly love this piece DH. It is full of depth for something so short. Once again you have captured emotions and words that would normal take someone pages to do. :) And I am SO with you! I REFUSE to make any negative judgments on VDT until I see it. :P
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