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Alone she sleeps in the shirt of man
With my three wishes clutched in her hand

The first that she be spared the pain
That comes from a dark and laughing rain

When she finds love, may it always stay true
This I beg for the second wish I made, too

But wish no more; my life you can take
To have her please just one day wake

To have her please
Just one day

                        --"Gaeta's Lament" (Battlestar Galactica)

And it was from those haunting words that she was conceived. She was little more than a spark, a whisper, the ghost of an idea...but she was there, nonetheless.

It was a long time before her ethereal presence finally took on a solid shape, and longer still before I gave her a face and a name; but at last, she was ready for her test-run.

"Let's go, let's go!" she sang, hopping in place from one foot to the other in happy anticipation. I suddenly felt a small twinge of fear. She was very similar to me, both in looks and in personality. Perhaps too similar. And she wasn't completely finished, either. Did she need more work? Would her presence distort the world I was sending her to? Could I exercise enough control to keep things in their natural order, yet still allow her the freedom she craved?

Was she ready?

"Come on, then!" The hopping turned into impatient bouncing, sending her hair flying up and down like a shower of copper sparks. "Set me free! Oh please, let me go!"

My doubts were swallowed up by delight as I looked at the girl again. Though incomplete, she was a lovely little thing. I had crafted her with love and I cared about her...and really, that was all that mattered.

So I smiled, whispered a blessing over her, and let her go.
Song inspiration:
"August's Rhapsody" (beginning) - [link]
"Gaeta's Lament", the song that inspired this whole concept - [link]

(The guy singing "Gaeta's Lament" is the same actor who voices "L" in the English dubbed version of Death Note. So that's basically L singing. And boy can he sing...)

This is the prologue to a kinda-sorta-not-really fantasy metafiction-ish novel I'm playing around with. It's actually more like a collection of connected short stories and drabbles than a novel...and I guess technically it's fanfiction, but it's written in a way where you don't need to know anything about the fandom to enjoy the story. (I could probably turn this into my own story just by changing a few names, lol.)

It's all centered around this girl, a quiet boy genius she makes friends with (aka L from Death Note), their life at "Whammy's House" (a school/orphanage for gifted children) and the adventures and experiences they have together. The more their friendship develops and the more they learn more about each other, the more holes and blanks she finds in her past. The girl soon realizes she isn't quite what she thinks she is, and that her friendship with the boy could put both him and his world in danger...

Aaaaand the plot still hasn't moved anywhere or decided what it wants to be and I still haven't worked out all the specifics... >__>

Writer frustration aside, I hoped you enjoyed this. :D Concrits are more than welcome!

And before any Death Note fans get worried, THE GIRL IS NOT A MARY SUE. I HATE Mary Sues with a burning passion and there's no way I'd let one of my own creations turn into that. Her relationship with L will strictly be a brother/sister thing, she doesn't have any Super Speshul Magic Powerz and she's nowhere NEAR as clever as L. So yeah, I think she's pretty safe. ;P

Next chapter: [link]
Zephelia-Rising Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
Ooooh, that song was lovely. I listened to your link, and he can sing so beautifully :heart:

Secondly, no matter if you have no plot worked out yet, I liked the feel to this one. It was like the birthing of one of your favourite characters into your world. I take it this is Fae? I like the way its sorta like a silent metaphor to rearing a child and allowing it out into the world. :thumbsup:
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Hmm. This is really interesting. I like the way its written (and the lyrics at the top). The 'letting go' action and the way it was phrased, I especially liked. And the idea that this girl was created with love.

On a side note: Oh hell yeah can L's VA sing. Soooooo nice.....
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