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I write because...


Oh, how can I put it into words?

(They were there, just a second ago.
So many reasons, darting and buzzing around in my head
Like dragonflies. Flashes of brilliance, difficult to capture...)

Wait a moment...wait...aha! I've caught some.

I write, because I want to take Color
And translate it into Sound, Smell, Taste and Texture
So that perhaps, I can help a blind man see a sunset.

(That was bit syrupy, wasn't it?
The sentiment gives me cavities just by looking at it...
But it's true, all the same.)

I write, because I want to tell stories worth telling;
To take someone on a journey through time and space and worlds unknown.
I want to build an escape door for people to slip through;
To let them get lost in another place and forget for a while...
Yet at the same time, give them the courage to come back and
Wrestle Reality again with the bit of magic they took away.
And that includes me.

I want to put a band-aid on a scraped-up day,
Make it rain when the sky is too clear,
Paint pictures with verbs and nouns and adjectives,
Give relief to my restless wanderer of a mind.

I want to shine in a world of darkness;
To ignite the spark that starts the fire and sets the stars ablaze.
I want to put thought into empty minds
And replace apathy with passion.
I want to slay the dragons of my universe
With the sharpness of my words.

I write for the pure joy of doing so.
I write to lose and save my sanity.
I write, because Someone commands me to.
I write, because I must.

For this is the truth:

There is a greater hand guiding my pen
A greater purpose behind the words
A greater story than mine
A greater Author than I
And it is my gift, my delight, my quest
To catch these echoes of greatness
And bind them in ink to a blank page;
And some willing hearts, while I'm at it.

Many may read them, or maybe few.
I am a word-weaver, not a fortune-teller.

But if I can touch just one life, stir one soul, open one pair of eyes...

Then my mission will be complete.
This is for a small contest I entered online. Basically you have to list your reasons for being a writer and why you love writing. So I whipped up this thing. :)

I hope this isn't too rambling or vague or weird, lol. I'm not that fond of free-verse myself, but sometimes the words just tumble out of me in a big, sprawling heap and they refuse to organize themselves into neat little rhymes like I want them to. Ya know? xD

I guess it's one of those stream-of-consciousness things...
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TheStoryNeverEnds Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, my gosh. You, madam, are a genius. This is so simple, and yet so profound, and so very true! It truly reflects the deepest heart and soul of every writer. It's so relatable, it almost made me cry. Thank you. :happycry:
CaptainNancy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
This is just how I feel!!!
It's so perfect it almost made me cry!
shadowrose-tears Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010   Writer
Oh I absolutely love this. I believe if you're a true writer, as I believe I am, you'd agree with this completely. I think this is perfectly written.
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2009
EXACTLY why I write, all in that last line. I don't care if I make money on my work (though I'd be lying if I said that wouldn't be cool) but I just want to touch one life with these words.

Nice job.
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